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Looking for work

Recently I have been thinking of buying a new camera body. Although my Nikon D800 is still functioning, it is already a few years ago. Just missed the latest Black Friday deals but looking forward to the Boxing Day deals.

nikon d850

The latest Nikon D850 is incredible! Went to the shop the other day to try one out, the sales representative said there is a waiting list of over 1 month! That's crazy! The features are endless, everything about the D800 is upgraded so this makes the purchase very attempting

One problem though... I just don't have sufficient funds yet. Photography has always been a very expensive hobby. Gear such as bodies and lenses are always expensive and let's not even talk about accessories. I do spend a lot of time taking pictures so I suppose the purchase is justified. Still, it wouldn't be the responsible thing to do to swipe my credit card without being able to pay it back so I have decided to look for a new job!

So I have been reading a lot on what's available out there, hopefully something related to photography. My friends keep suggesting that I should try portraiture but working with people isn't always the easiest. Also spent time reading on various laws and important things regarding part-time work, very eye opening.

It turns out that there are many ways to make extra money on the side, even blogging! Nah... that's not why I joined over-blog don't worry but I have come across interesting stories on strange side gigs and I have to admit, some in the list intrigue me big time. Thinking of giving it a shot. Maybe it would be better if I start my own business, learned lots of cool tips here. Why spend the time working for someone when you can work for yourself right? Again, it comes back to the same question as starting a new business needs funding and that's exactly what I lack.


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